CANOE handcrafted beers are brewed in small batches using only the finest malted barley, hops, yeast and water. They are naturally carbonated, unfiltered and created without the use of additives or preservatives.

Our beers have become legendary in Victoria and throughout the Pacific Northwest for their crisp, clean & pure flavours. We encourage you to try a fleet to experience the full range of our crafted offerings.

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Our bottled beers are available for take-away in the pub to enjoy at home in bombers (650ml), growlers (1.9L), and meowlers (1L).



Clean and light in colour with a lively hop finish. Crisp and exceptionally drinkable.
4.8% | 15 IBU

Dark Ale

Deep mahogany-brown in colour with malt notes of rich chocolate and roasted coffee.

A dark and flavourful ale with a clean, crisp finish.
5.5% | 20 IBU

Pale Ale

An expression of Pacific Northwest hop character, balanced by robust Canadian pale malt.

Full flavoured with a mild, refreshing bitterness.

5.0% | 20 IBU


A balance of delicate tropical fruit flavour with a clean, refreshing malt profile.

Brewed with Australian and New Zealand hops, and North American malts.
6.5% | 65 IBU

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